Select first the number of web pages for the game. The number of pages should be less or equal than 6 (by default, it is chosen equal to 4). Next, drag the coloured points and place them wherever you like, preferably not too close to each other. Each of these points will represent an Internet page. A link to another web page will be represented by an arrow and a link to itself will be represented by a loop. To choose the links you want to include observe that, assuming you selected 4 web pages, initially you will see the following table:

If you wish to include a link from the web page A to the page C you should, on the column corresponding to the page A (the first column in the given table), move the black point in the line corresponding to page C from the left position to the right position, to get the following configuration:

Notice that an arrow from page A (the yellow point) pointing towards page C (the light blue point) is added. If you want to add another link from page C towards itself and links from the web page D pointing towards each one of the other pages, you should get the following configuration:

There will be added arrows from page D (the dark blue point) towards each of the other pages and a loop on page C (the light blue point).

You may alter the number of web pages in your model, change the position of the points, as well as add or remove links. In what concerns the parameter \(p\), you may choose the default value (\(0,85\)) or define it to be some value you prefer between \(0\) and \(1\).