App instructions

Moving the pieces

The seven tangram pieces can be moved through free translation and rotation by multiples of \(\frac{\pi}{8}\).

In order to make a translation, drag the piece while clicking on the red dot on the piece. The rotation is controlled by the dot on one of the piece's vertices. Furthermore, you can also change the orientation of the parallelogram by moving the black dot at the upper right corner.

Choosing the figure

Choose a figure in the horizontal segment on the sidebar Construction, dragging the dot over the segment.

The shadow image of the chosen figure will appear in small size at the app's upper right corner.

Using all the pieces of the tangram, you can build the (pink) image provided, in any region of the app.


At the small segment start, you can reset the pieces to the initial position.

Game options

Two game options are available, corresponding to decreasing difficulty levels.

Initially, you may solve the puzzle using only the shadow image at the corner as a reference.

See solution

After selecting Real size, the last option - Solution - becomes available, which enables you to see a possible configuration for solving the puzzle.