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Atractor developed a new version of the GeCla program (short for "Generator and Classifier"), a program aimed at the study of symmetry. This version is available not only for PC (Windows and Mac), but also for tablet/smartphone (Android and iOS), and it can be downloaded for free(++):

PC installation:

For the tablet/smartphone version, go to GooglePlay or AppStore using your device.

Remark To use "Practice/2 devices online" mode or to watch images created with the GeCla Generator being stamped, you must have internet access.

Version 2.07.06 - 2023-11-05
Languages presently supported: idiomasfranca

Alternatively, if you wish, you can install GeCla old version (1.03, 2019).

(+) For the development of this program, the support of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) was decisive: initially, through a long-term grant to work at Atractor and, later, in the framework of FACC.
Also important were: i) the collaboration of a secondary school teacher working full-time with Atractor, thanks to support from Ministry of education, and ii) the support of University of Porto, by making the location where the work was carried out available.

(++) See Use of Atractor's materials

Translated for Atractor by Gabriela Chaves, from its original version in Portuguese. Atractor is grateful for her cooperation.