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Atractor produced a set of virtual games - AtrMini - aimed at younger users, and which can be downloaded for free:

A version for tablet (or smartphone) is also available, for Android and IOS: system:

Copyright © Atractor Association

Version for PC 2.01 - 2024/05/21.
Beta Version for Tablet 2.01 - 2024/05/21
Languages: Portuguese, English and Italian
(*) This software was produced by Atractor in the context of a grant by Foundation for Science and Technology.

(**) All the software available on this site is distributed as executable code under the conditions of a license "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License". We hope you found it interesting and useful. If you wish to support Atractor's activities you can do so through a donation.
Your donation should be made by bank transfer to the account:

IBAN: PT50003505780002321213096


Translated for Atractor by Gabriela Chaves, from its original version in Portuguese. Atractor is grateful for her cooperation.

(*) Difficulty level: Primary School, Lower Secondary